Mukka Express – Cappuccino coffee maker


Manufacturer: Bialetti
Material: Aluminum
Induction hobs: No
Capacity: 440 ml

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Why is Bialetti Mukka ?
It’s simple – it has a lot to do with milk. Use it to prepare delicious cappuccino at home!

Mukka is beautiful design and functionality in one. Aluminum café with cow patches is a great gadget and decoration in every kitchen.

In addition to the classic mechanism of the coffee machine, Mukka has a special nozzle that froth milk poured into the upper tank. Thanks to this, we get a delicious cappuccino. One brew gives two cups of 220 ml.

To make coffee even better, we give some good advice:

– Remember that the coffee is not ground too finely, as this may block the proper flow of water. – Low foaming of         milk may mean that the flame is too small.
– Prepare coffee on medium flame – too large a flame can cause the milk to boil over. – To start with, try using less milk than indicated on the coffee machine – you’ll have more control over the coffee making process.
– Make sure that the ground beans are not on the edge of the strainer.


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